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the men are together. [28 Dec 2008|11:36pm]

awaken ye, sleepers ye.

dust yourselves off.

the emperor, the kind king.

Awaken, mine countrymen.

your country she

(for all you've known)

calls for you again.

she never stopped wailing.

even though there was no ship sailing.

the house of L shall riseth again.
moss on the floorboards

we're baaaaaaaaaaack [03 Nov 2007|10:19pm]

December 7th at the rose bowl with Fergie and the pussycat dolls.

oh wait, i'm sorry........december 7th at the universalist church with cambiata and to the barricades.

first show in over 2 years...

no go my pretties! cry havoc and let slip the dogs of show promotion.
2 black leaves
moss on the floorboards

the quitters quilt [17 Dec 2006|08:25pm]


recipient(s): Ian (G), Ian (L), Maxwell (H), Ryan (N)


1 'pleasure seeker'

1. 'omb'

1 'idiot'

1 'white fields'

1 'everywhen'

? any remaining/not yet listed items

to be sent as soon as possible
moss on the floorboards

kooks [27 Jun 2006|01:25am]

[ mood | fucking pissed off ]

so, we're making a new luminati site.

the question is: does anyone care?

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moss on the floorboards

when a stranger falls... [18 May 2006|12:03am]

[ mood | epic ]

Practicing less and less often> more often later

Maybe you'll get something sometime, and maybe it'll be alittle less like a little round disk, maybe a little more?

apparently, have to stick to the laurels that built'r

Been Tired all the time,

cart jockeying for a wholesale chain who shall remain nameless

not that i am complaining about that.

just being tired all the time.

gotta make the cheese, as the mane man doess say.

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moss on the floorboards

beginning of a series of undetermined length. [03 Apr 2006|08:41pm]


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moss on the floorboards

cutcultcutcultcultcutcult [21 Mar 2006|08:21pm]

[ mood | cherry cola ]

it's never as easy as you expect it should be, is it?

the light keeps kicking on and kicking off.

in the mean time, people die and maybe even make records.

Image hosting by Photobucket

this is us right now.

moss on the floorboards

mellotron [01 Mar 2006|07:17pm]

[ mood | gob ]


something is afoot.

and places upward.

moss on the floorboards

[08 Dec 2005|09:58pm]

O my brothers, am I then cruel? But I say: What falls, that shall one also push!
Everything of today - it falls, it decays; who would preserve it! But I... I wish also to push it!
Know you the delight which rolls stones into precipitous depths?.. Those men of today,
see just how they roll into my depths!A prelude am I to better players, O my brothers! An example! Do according to my example! And him whom you do not teach to fly, teach I pray you... to fall faster!
moss on the floorboards

[08 Dec 2005|09:25pm]




[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<pilot kick<in>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]


<alittle too close for comfort>.

<play for us in december>.

<pilot light kick<in>.

<kick in ghost kickkk>>

<broken legs>.
<teeth sharper than nails>.
<just been keeping <<secrets>.

<the emperor will not comment>




< not at this time... /

>>perhaps sooner.<<
1 black leaves
moss on the floorboards

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